Our business: storing electricity!
Kolibri Power Systems develops, manufactures and licenses high efficiency storage systems. The Kolibri AlphaPolymer technology is one of the leading systems of today's modern electricity storage. The system was developed by company founder Mirko Hannemann, who has re-defined the capabilities of storing electricity, through an intelligent combination of battery manufacturing, process optimization and storage technology.

The Kolibri technology is used as stationary storage plants, in industry and electrical drives. The evolution of the Kolibri storage technology is advancing rapidly. The energy storage systems that are produced today are based on the specially developed Kolibri Power Line. It automatically and continuously compensates the current load between grid and consumer in real time. Hereby it completely decouples the generation of electricity from consumption. The Kolibri storage technology thus makes a decisive contribution to a secure and independent power supply.

Experts from industrial production, sales and finance are now bringing their experience into the management and board of directors into the young company. The Kolibri Power Systems AG was founded in 2011 with its headquarters in Frankfurt/Main. The Kolibri storage systems are being produced in Berlin.